The Way 2 Life
  Romans 13 -- Defined !

I am going to show you from the word of God the measuring rod by which you will be able to evaluate any and every situation in terms of leadership and rule in ANY nation as God intended in Romans 13:                           

There is no law that is true but Gods Law.

There is no worship that is true but the worship of the true God.

There is no morality that is true but the morality revealed in Scripture.

There are no blessings for individuals or nations apart from honoring God and His Law.

A nation that lives under the power and influence of the Law of God will enjoy the richest blessings of common grace.

The chaos of the world, national chaos, at any point any where is always related to the rejection of God and the rejection of true worship, and the rejection of His Law and His Word and obedience to Him.

His Law defines what is good.

His Law defines what is evil.

His Law promotes good.

His Law restrains evil.

Romans 13 says, that all government officials are ministers of God for the punishment of evil doers and the welfare for those who do what is good.

A immoral government who cares nothing about God and nothing about His Law will self destruct in the disintegration of its own godless complacency.

In the Bible God/Christ, tells humanity, nations, rulers how to live.

God blesses obedience and curses disobedience.

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